**911 and DOT records cannot be requested, as LOCATION was not provided.**
(GO BACK and enter LOCATION in STEP 1 to request 911/DOT records.)


A $10 fee will be incurred for each record we determine does not exist.

There is value in determining which records do not exist and it takes time and effort to do so.

We also hope this will discourage requesting every record on very minor accidents.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Enter your individual company/firm email, unless you are a Driver/Other party. Please DO NOT use admin emails which can be accessed by multiple users.

I authorize RiskJockey to obtain all records and correspondence regarding this request on my behalf, and I understand the FEES charged for this service. I agree not to disseminate any materials received from RiskJockey to any unauthorized third party, and I agree to the Terms and Conditions below.